Honeymoon Plans

Our honeymoon will take us to Kilomonjaro National Park where we hope to climb to Africa’s highest summit. Next, we’ll fly from JRO to the warm sands of Zanzibar for a week of relaxation in the oxygen-rich atmosphere at sea level. It should be a hell of an excursion!

Shrimp Risotto

Last night, I attempted to cook this shrimp risotto recipe for my beloved. The result was tasty, but I find the recipe lacking the unambiguous actionable steps I strive to express in every algorithm description and am required to express in every program. This post hopefully yields a clear sequence of instructions that is easy to follow by culinary Turing machines like myself.

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Mobile Test

This post confirms I can update my WordPress blog via mobile client.


Here we are tasting wedding cake samples. Elizabeth is having a Blue Diamond Day.