We got married!

At 5:00pm on May 24, 2014, Elizabeth and I married. The wedding ceremony, presentation, and reception unfolded spectacularly!





Thanks to all our friends and family for making this such a wonderful and elegant occasion.

Updates and reminders

Just a reminder that we will be closing the doors to tour the home at 4pm, so if you plan to see the house before the ceremony, make sure you get there before 4! We do recommend arriving around 3:30, though.  Additionally, the ASO has generously given us 28 docents for the event to give everyone a fabulous tour!

Also, the showhouse has a lot of outrageously expensive furniture made out of exotic (i.e. impossible to clean) materials. No food, drink (including water! water is like hot lava to silk), or children under 8 are allowed into the showhouse.

See everyone soon!

One Month Away!

We are approximately one month away from the most momentous of days! Elizabeth and I are incredibly happy to be surrounded by wonderful friends and loving family.

I wanted to mention the following announcement for wedding guests.

The Pink Palace has been beautifully arranged and decorated by world-class designers for the Decorator Show House and Garden and will be open for touring to our group on the day of the wedding. Guests are invited to walk through the home and enjoy the spectacular interior spaces, artwork, and furnishings that have been installed.

Cocktail hour will take place in one of the Pink Palace’s lavishly decorated gardens after the ceremony and prior to the reception, but we’d hate for guests to miss parts of the wedding to catch a glimpse of the Pink Palace’s interior. We therefore suggest arriving well before the ceremony and suggest budgeting at least 30 to 45 minutes to fully appreciate each room’s splendor. At this point, you may turn toward Elizabeth’s splendor and admire her radiance for the rest of the evening.

We kindly ask that no food or beverages be taken inside the home. We will provide plenty of space for revelry in the gardens.

Ceremony to Begin at 4:30pm

Please note the wedding time has been delayed by one and a half hours. The ceremony shall begin at 4:30pm.

The home will be open for our guests during the reception and has been beautifully arranged and decorated by world-class designers for the Decorator Showhouse & Gardens.