Monthly Archives: May 2014

We got married!

At 5:00pm on May 24, 2014, Elizabeth and I married. The wedding ceremony, presentation, and reception unfolded spectacularly!





Thanks to all our friends and family for making this such a wonderful and elegant occasion.

Updates and reminders

Just a reminder that we will be closing the doors to tour the home at 4pm, so if you plan to see the house before the ceremony, make sure you get there before 4! We do recommend arriving around 3:30, though.  Additionally, the ASO has generously given us 28 docents for the event to give everyone a fabulous tour!

Also, the showhouse has a lot of outrageously expensive furniture made out of exotic (i.e. impossible to clean) materials. No food, drink (including water! water is like hot lava to silk), or children under 8 are allowed into the showhouse.

See everyone soon!