How they Met

Andy first encountered Elizabeth in his dorm room at Georgia Tech the first week of their freshman year. It was love at first sight, though eleven years would transpire before they finally became ready to tie the knot.

Andy recognized Elizabeth’s striking intellect – as well as her striking smile – as she assisted him with his computer science homework that year. Demonstrating before his enchanted eyes the romance of recursion, the sensual side of stack frames, and the love within lambda expressions, it was then he knew that one day he must win this girl’s heart – and hand – in marriage.

Though struggling through his core coursework, Andy followed Elizabeth’s disciplined example by doing homework with her, studying chemistry with her, and spending late nights in the library. While it took Andy six years longer to finish Georgia Tech than Elizabeth, they quickly reunited once he made it to the outside world.

During the throes* of passion and romance in the midst of a felicitous long-distance relationship, Andy and Elizabeth realized their next steps together were obvious. On the fateful night of August 18, 2013, Andy and Elizabeth climbed to the summit of a mountain, and there he asked Elizabeth if she would marry him. She said yes and made him the luckiest and happiest man alive.


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  1. Robin Warren

    Andy, In addition to humility, you also have the gift of writing! thank you for these sweet comments and insights into Elizabeth! She will be a gift to you and you to her!


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